Restrict users to specific lanes?

Can a method be added to restrict users to only specific lanes? I have 30-40 users now in our instance of cryosparc on our cluster and there are many lanes set up for access to the cluster, which allows us to select the different slurm account for proper charging of time on the cluster, but all users can see all the lanes. While we have asked them to charge only to their project, I have seen mistakes at times, as they see a huge list of lanes, and sometimes pick the wrong one, if there was a method to only allow access to a small subset of the available lanes that would be very helpful.

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Hi @karcaw,

This is a great suggestion! We have added it to our to-do list.


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is there any progress in the matter?
Using the cryosparc on the HPC cluster is a blast and having the ability to restrict users would be a great addition with the future potential to configure special compute lanes for specific users or specific purposes.