Restarted a deleted job in tree view, confused about the expected behavior (v4.1.1)

I accidentally deleted a job that was a key node in my processing workflow. I was pleased to find it in the tree-view with all parameters and inputs still intact (just marked as deleted). So, I right-clicked and Restarted the job, and it is now running. However, it is still marked as deleted, and I don’t see it in my card view. I am a little confused about the expected behavior here - will this job come back to life and re-embed itself in my workflow? Or is this a bug?

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 2.46.31 PM

Hi @Navid ,

Thanks very much for the post. Indeed you’ve discovered a bug - it shouldn’t be possible to queue deleted jobs (or interact with them).

The reason as to why some deleted jobs display in the tree view is so that it can provide context for other non-deleted jobs. If a deleted job is a leaf node and has no children it won’t display in the tree view. If the deleted job has children it will still display rather than show a gap.

You can still see deleted jobs from the cards or table view, they just have to be specified in the filter bar:

Deleted jobs are similar to cleared jobs in the way that:

  • Any results (event log items and output files) are removed
  • The job parameters and connected inputs still exist
  • The job directory still exists

You can still click on the Job ID on the header of the card to preview it and view any inputs or parameters connected.

If you’d like to ‘resurrect’ the job I’d recommend just creating a new job with the same inputs and parameters. It’s not currently possible to ‘recover’ a job.

- Suhail

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Thanks Suhail. Considering that you keep most of the relevant information to resurrect a job, wouldn’t it be advantageous to allow this behavior for deleted jobs with children?