Resolution of power spectra


I used the new power spectra tool in the recent version of cryosparc on helical 2D classes. To calculate the helical parameters from the power spectra I need the scale of the power spectra: 1 pixel = how many angstroms. How do i find out the scale bar of the power spectra generated by cryosparc?

Thank you!

Hi @Devika,

The output power spectrum and its cs file are written to the job directory of the Average Power Spectra job. You can locate the cs file of the power spectrum there, then examine the field labelled power_spectra/sample_spacing_inverse_A. This contains the sample spacing (i.e. the size of one pixel) of each power spectrum, in units of inverse Angstroms. Here’s a link to a tutorial on how to read (and manipulate) cs files using the command line.