Reslog analysis [Feature request]

Hi, (@HaoweiZhang I think this one is for you IIRC?)

I really like having the capacity to do a ResLog analysis in CryoSPARC, but I’ve noticed a couple of things that I think could be improved:

  1. the y axis should be 1/res (spatial frequency) for the plot to be linear per the original Stagg et al paper. Currently in the raw data it is resolution, and on the graphs it is labeled as Fourier radius.
  2. The x-axis says it is the number of particles included in each reconstruction, but it appears to actually represent the number of particles in a half-set of that reconstruction.
  3. Giving a linear fit to the data, with an equation and a calculator, to allow the user to project how much they would need to increase the size of their dataset to achieve a desired resolution, would be extremely helpful.
  4. Allowing the user to provide a mask may be helpful for assessing the quality of a dataset with respect to a local region of the reconstruction, e.g. single subunit or domain.