Resampling during Local motion correction

Dear @team,

is there a reason why you didn’t add resampling functionality in the local motion job?
I suddenly started to appreciate the local motion correction as for quite a number of datasets I get a resolution improvement up to 0.5A. However, extracting particles at full size is often not desired therefore it would be convenient to crop them immediately.


Hi @tarek,

Not really any reason but we have not implemented downsampling in local motion - currently this has to be done via the downsampling job after local motion.
Will add this to our feature tracker.


I second this. I am also wondering it’s not the default choice but a separate one from Extract From Micrographs.

I third this! Would be very useful to have this as an option, as well as potentially making it more clear that local motion correction is using the original (non-fourier cropped) superres movies. Took me a bit of time to understand why extracted particles were no extracting as expected.