Request for Manual Picker to output extracted particles and selected particles


The Manual Picking job currently outputs only the extracted particles as defined by the ‘box size’ option in the interactive Manual Picker window. I would like to request that all coordinates for all selected particles be outputted as well. This will allow the user to re-define the box size after Manual Picking without losing picks. I realized that this feature would be nice by accidentally having a box size of 1500 when I finished manual curating 300 micrographs because I was removing all picks in the last micrograph quickly. This resulted in only ~10% of the particles I just curated being extracted; ie. I wasted a few hours of work.

Thank you,

Hey @alexjamesnoble ,

Thanks for reporting! Along with making extraction an optional step, we’ll make sure there’s a set of particle locations outputted that don’t exclude particles at the edge of the micrograph (a function of the box size that was selected) so you can always re-extract all the particles you selected with different parameters.

- Suhail

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