Req: Select micrographs based on number of aligned frames

Since a number of users tend to use the live session and adjust parameters on the fly, it would be nice, since the addition of the Reference Motion Correction job requires all movies to have the same number of aligned frames, to be able to find a quick way to sort micrographs based on parameters set on the fly in a Live Cs Session.
That would give us the ability to flag such issues/inconsistencies in our project, and go back and adjust if necessary

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I usually create new exposure import groups in the live session when I change the collection parameters - I’ll just add something to the filename I can select with a wildcard.

Hi @stavros ,

Thanks for the feedback! I do have a few questions:

  1. Are these adjusted parameters at the microscope (e.g. dose or # of frames) and not within the processing pipeline?
  2. Is this a scenario that happens often with your users?
  3. Is the intended goal to carry these various “exposure groups” throughout the entire data processing workflow?

In addition to @DanielAsarnow’s suggestions, would an easy solution be to make note of the # of micrographs collected at time of parameter change and then use an Exposures Sets Tool job to split the exposures?

Hi @kstachowski
That is my current way of sorting them out at the moment, but it can be a bit slow/cumbersome. :slight_smile: And yes the intended goal is to carry these exposure groups to various stages along the processing flow.
I’ve noticed sometimes while initially trying to find the best #frames parameter we tend to play with the numbers and “Apply for future”, but this might lead to some micros to have different values if the “Apply for all” is not selected eventually. And unless you go manually to check each, this can lead to inconsistencies in the final set.

Thanks for the suggestions!