Removing graphene oxide edges from good particles


I’ve found this topic but I think it didn’t lead anywhere: 2D classification without alignment?

I was wondering if someone has a good suggestion for removing graphene oxide edges from good set of particles. I cannot get rid of remaining particles after several rounds of 2D, heterogenous refinement or 3D classification.


Yeah 2D classification is still not available - would definitely be useful!

In the meantime, in Class2D switching off sigma annealing (set the iteration to start annealing to 200 or whatever) and reducing the max alignment resolution (e.g. to 15 Å) can both help reduce the attractor effect that ends up sucking the edges & other high contrast junk into your good classes.


E.g. see here re sigma annealing: Limiting the number of particles per 2D class - #8 by olibclarke


Might I suggest posting in that thread to give it a bump and add your voice to the request in a unified location? :smile:

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