Remove specific movies?

I have a dataset where I accidentally collected the first 100 or so movies (around 2% of the data) with the wrong parameters. The only identifying characteristic they have is the frame count. I have a list of those movies so I could e.g. create a directory of symlinks for only the good/bad movies.

Can anyone think of an easy way for me to remove those movies from my dataset? I think importing them and using Exposure Sets won’t work because they’ll have different UIDs.

Exposure Sets can be used to compare path field instead of UID during intersect. If you perform a second import of e.g. just the good movies (exposures_B), it should be possible to tease out the good movies (A_intersect_B) with Ignore Leading UID also enabled.


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Oh you’re right, I didn’t read those options correctly.

Update: that worked, thank you!