Remove duplicate particles, but not based on coordinates

Dear all
is there any way to detect duplicate particles without using coordinates but rather their appearance?
I might have recorded some areas twice on a negative stain grid. Now I want to find the particles which are double, but obviously they won’t have the exact same coordinates.

no, their appearance is quite often (hundreds of thousands of instances) identical to ~4-5Å. it’s more likely that it’s possible to automatically remove duplicate micrographs based on their appearance, though I don’t know of any tools (would be cross-correlation). Assuming there are not many thousands of micrographs, this should be easy to do manually. Since it’s negative stain and not publication quality high-resolution reconstruction, it’s hard to imagine why this exercise would be necessary.

Remove duplicate particles job is based on the distance of your particles. Means you set the mini distance between two pick. But IDK how and why for which will remain.

With stain I don’t (and don’t need) that many particles. And the micrographs are not the same, because they’re not simply recorded twice, but from different sessions. And since the areas that are possible to imagine are rare, I might have chosen similar areas twice. I know I could use finder grids or other methods where I have recorded. But u already have the dataset. Manually curating the micrographs is cumbersome, since sometimes just part of the mics are recorded twice.
And with stain there aren’t so many identical particles unless they are in fact the same.
I guess I have to go with spider and cross correlation