Regarding changing directory of my project and reestablishing symbolic links

Hi everyone,

Since I have seen less disc space in my drive, I thought of changing the directory to save the data further. But while changing the directory of my whole project to another, Now the entire symbolic links connected are not working. I am not able to process the data further.
Then I tried to detach and attach the same project, same thing is happening. No further progress.

I am stuck here at this moment. Don’t know what to do further.

Does this section of the guide help?

No, I couldn’t, while doing as mentioned above, the links got broken.

Please can you describe how you

  • identified the links that require repair
  • attempted to repair the symbolic links

I couldn’t repair the links.
When I was trying to use the inputs from the previous jobs (for which symbolic links are generated), it was showing link has broken.
Anyway, I restarted my work with a new project.

No worries!!