Reference Based Motion Correction - particle number & dose weight issues

I recently ran the RBMC job after NU refinement and noticed that the output number of particles was not the same as the input. The input number had 633,544 particles from refinement but upon the RBMC job finishing, it only outputted 407,724 particles. I am wondering why it didn’t correct all 633,544 particles?

I also noticed an unusual dose weight plot (see attached) where the last two frames (39 and 40) had information at high spatial frequencies and was confused if this was normal or not.

Re particle number, micrographs with only one particle are discarded, so often some reduction in particle number, but this doesn’t seem enough to explain such a large discrepancy, might be worth checking the log.

Re dose weights, see discussion here: Unusual empirical dose weights at high dose - #18 by kpahil

@ianyen12 Please can you email us the corresponding RBMC job report so our team may have a look.

@wtempel I figured out that I had failed to plug in one of the external disks housing movies of the missing particles. Re-running the job now but should be smooth sailing.

Thanks for this update @ianyen12.

When you have a chance, please confirm here that “the boat arrived safely”.

@wtempel The “boat has arrive safely” with all 633,544 particles retained and a gain in resolution of 0.05 A. The dose weighting problem remains.

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