Recover jobs that were deleted?

Is there a way to recover a deleted job? The job that imported movies to the workspace was deleted, preventing any further jobs from being completed.

Hi @juliana,

When you delete a job the output files are removed. You’ll have to re-import the movies and reference the new job’s output in all other jobs.

- Suhail

Hi, I accidentally deleted a “Ab-Initio Reconstruction” job. Is there any way to recover the accidentally deleted jobs without redo?

No, although I wish a “Trash” functionality was added - hopefully in the future it will be!


Hi @sdawood

I am very new to cryoSPARC and accidentally deleted my particle import job. I have now imported the particles again and could you advice how to reference the new job to all other jobs please?

Thank you!


Hi @yxliu,

If you would like to reference the outputs of the new import particles job in another job in your project:

  1. Clear the job you would like to run (if you don’t care about it’s outputs anymore) or clone it
  2. The job you would like to run will now be in ‘building’ status. Click the ‘building’ tag on the job card to enter the job builder interface on the sidebar
  3. Remove the ‘particles’ output group that has already been connected. This is the old job that is now deleted. You can do this for any output group you no longer want to reference
  4. Locate the new import particles job, inspect it (using the spacebar or clicking on the job title in the cards view) and drag and drop the output particles (or any other output) into the input section for the new job, similar to below:

The concept of using the job builder is covered in our T20S introductory tutorial and our job builder tutorial.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hi @sdawood

Many thanks for the detailed instruction. I have done multiple 2D classification and select 2D steps on the original particle set. I wonder if I clear the first 2D class job and use the output of the new import job for a new round of 2D classification, will the particles of the new import job be automatically referenced in the downstream jobs please?