Reconstruct densities based on 3dflex

Basically same as the title; does anyone have a script or method to take the particles from say either endpoint of a 3dflex trajectory for the final goal of reconstruction? It would be nice to isolate the particles associated with a particular state and reconstruct them to confirm that the movements I see in 3dflex can indeed be supported by the actual particles

Hi @msateryster,

At the moment we don’t have any jobs integrated into CryoSPARC that accomplish this workflow (the most analogous thing would be a version of 3D Variability Display that works with the latent variables from 3D Flex). See related request here. In short, the best way this can be done is via CryoSPARC Tools which could for e.g. be used to isolate or cluster particles based on their latent values, and then output separate stacks to an External Job in CryoSPARC for further reconstruction.