Re-picking particles after micrograph F-cropping

Hello Collegaues,
Is there a way to re-extract particles from 1/2 F-cropped micrographs if the particles were originally extracted from the uncropped micrographs? I made the mistake of not F-cropping K3 data at the patch motion correction level. I realized this kind of late in the game and I was wondering if there is a way to avoid reprocessing all the data. Thank you.

I think you should be able to use the downsample particles job to at least get your particle stack taken care of without re-extracting. Then you may be able to re-assign those particles to their corresponding F-cropped mics assuming particle centering didn’t get messed up

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Agreed with @gdodge, I would try just downsampling your particles in this scenario!

Thank you. This worked out!

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