Re-extracting particles after local motion correctoin

Hi all,
I would like to re-extract some particles with a different box size from a previously run job of local motion correction. Is this possible? or do one has to re-run the local motion cor job instead of using trajectories.

Hi @ehanssen, with the current implementation, Local Motion Correction does not recycle the previously computed local particle trajectory information or save that information to the output micrographs.

If you happen to have micrographs that have global and local motion correction (such as from the output of Patch Motion), then you can send those through CTF estimation and followed by an Extraction job (along with the particles from the previous Local Motion Correction job).

If you don’t already have globally and locally corrected micrographs, the best strategy is unfortunately to re-run the Local Motion Correction job with the new box size.

Hope that helps,


HI Nick
this is what i was afraid of …
any plans to get this to run eventually