Re-extract particles from different linked jobs

sorry if this has asked already but could not find it. If you have several datasets in different workspaces, and linked Selected particles from the different workspaces in a new workspace, run a 2D classification including all particles, then select again, and finally want to re-extract using a different box size, how do I do that ? Or in other words, do I need to link also all the CTF-corrected mics ?


Hi @marino-j,

Sorry for the delay with this - hopefully you have already figured it out, but you do not actually need to Link jobs within the same project to be able to use the inputs/outputs. Workspaces are just for convenience and organization. You can actually open the job builder for a job, then navigate to a different workspace in the same project, and select an output from there without linking the job.

Thank you, indeed is more of an organizational thing (have a space clean with all “good” output) rather then necessary.