Re-extract particles from 2x upsampled EER micrographs

Hello, I am working with a dataset in EER format. I processed the movies with no upsampling and now I want to reprocess it with upsampling 2. I want to extract the same particles I have already selected in the no upsampled micrographs but in the 2x upsampled micrographs. Is there a way to do so? Maybe multiplying the x and y coordinates?

Hi @Adrian,

Particle pick locations are stored as a fraction of the micrograph size, so you actually can do this, though I can’t say I have a lot of experience with doing so myself. If you use a “reassign particles to micrographs” job (default settings are fine) and you supply, as inputs, your picks and the 2x upsampled micrographs, the output particles should be accepted as inputs to an extract job (also with the 2x upsampled micrographs).

Hope this helps,

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