RBMC failed in the beginning of "COMPUTE EMPIRICAL DOSE WEIGHTS"

Hello, my RBMC job (cryoSPARC v4.4.0 running on my workstation with 2 GPUs: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090) encountered a failure at the beginning of the second stage: Compute empirical dose weights, with the following errors:

[CPU: 183.1 MB Avail: 363.33 GB] assertion failed: h->magic == TALLOC_HEADER_MAGIC
[CPU: 189.3 MB Avail: 368.32 GB] ====== Job process terminated abnormally.

All movies were collected in the same session under identical conditions, such as the same total dose (40.4e/A2) and frames. Previous jobs, from importing movies to homogeneous refinement, ran smoothly without any issues, and yielded a structure with ~2Å resolution. The first stage of RBMC (Optimize hyperparameters) ran well, but got a poor curve as shown below:

I attempted particle extraction sizes of both 266 and 300, but the RBMC jobs consistently failed at the very beginning of the second stage, displaying the above errors.

With limited experience in cryoSPARC, I am reaching out in the hope of receiving a solution or suggestion. Thank you very much in advance.

Resolved by power off and power on the workstation.

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