Quick access to masks/volumes?


In large workspaces, it would help to have some kind of quick access panel to access frequently used masks or initial volumes - there are certain masks that we use over and over (e.g. for local refinements of different regions of the same molecule), and having to scroll back to find the mask from job number XXX in a large workspace is tedious and error prone.

Perhaps one solution would be to allow the user to designate a limited number of masks/volumes as “quick access” items for that workspace, and then have them selectable from a dropdown menu when creating a new job?



Can’t you click the star in top right of the card, then select only those starred?

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Yes - that is the best current solution. The issue with that is that I use the stars to keep track of entire workflows within a large workspace, so there will be a lot of refinement jobs etc starred as well.

I guess I should use tags for this really, now that I come to think of it… I just wish there was a way to add new tags while creating/viewing a job, rather than having to switch over to the tag creation/editing panel

an annoying alternative is a dummy workspace which you copy your favorite/essential masks/volumes to, since these can be accessed by any workspace in the project. But I agree, a “favorites” drop down in the job builder either globally or per job-type specific is a great idea.

Hi @olibclarke and @CryoEM2 ,

Thanks for the helpful feedback and suggestions as always.

For your first query, I believe creating a job-level tag would be ideal. Once you create a tag, you can assign it to any job of interest and quickly filter by it via the quick access menu or via the filter bar within the browse view.

Your suggestion is interesting - the ability to ‘auto-fill’ a job with frequently used inputs and/or parameters is something we’re working to implement. Once we’re ready to beta test this feature I’ll reach out to you!

Any others who are interested in this beta can send me a direct message via the forum :slight_smile:

- Suhail

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