Question related to ab-initial reconstruction

Dear All,

Suppose I have successfully run an ab-initial reconstruction by cryosparc with 4 class volume map outputs. Will you please let me know, how can I know how many particles I have used as the input for the ab-initial reconstruction step?And how many particles outputted accompanied each of the 4 class volume?

Hi @Flemming,

The number of particles input into the ab-initio reconstruction job is printed to the streamlog right near the top of the job. It will look like “Loading a ParticleStack with X items..”, where X is the total number of particles input.

The number of particles assigned to each class is present in the job’s outputs. For example, here I ran a 3 class ab-initio job. The volumes were outputted each as volume_class_Y and a corresponding particle stack of particles_class_Y. The number of particles in each corresponding class is shown in the blue “Count: Z” box inside the each of the particles’ output cards.