Question about archiving projects


I have a question about best practice for archiving projects in cryosparc. Our installation is set up so that we have a mounted remote server that stores our raw data (movies). In cryosparc, I import these directly into the project from the remove server. The connection speed is fast enough that I can then do patch motion correction on the movies and write the output to the local hard drive, which is where the project directory is created. So the (large) movie files are never stored locally, which saves considerably on space.

I am now at the point of archiving a project and what I have done so far is compress the entire project directory into a tar ball which I have then moved to remote storage. The user guide says that I can now delete the project, and would be able to recover it later by importing the decompressed project directory into any instance of cryosparc. If I delete the project, in cryosparc, will it only remove the files that are stored on my local hard drive (i.e. the files in my project directory) or will it also (try to) delete the raw movies from the remote server? I do not want cryosparc to delete the raw movies, as these are not included in the tar ball. Alternatively, can I just run rm -rf on the project directory or is deleting the project in cryosparc cleaner?

Just giving this a bump as there doesn’t seem to be a reply yet?

Hi Michael,

We have a similar setup with movies on a file server. In my instance, I have deleted many projects without the files on the file server being affected.

To note, as far as I know, the ‘project size’ as reported by cryoSPARC included the sym-linked movies on the server.


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