Query re "auto" downsampling in Topaz train


In v4.5, Topaz train now by default automatically calculates the downsampling factor to use during training, based on the particle diameter.

This is maybe not a bad idea to simplify things, but if this is the intent, then Topaz Extract should be similarly adjusted to automatically set the extraction radius, as this is currently specified in downsampled pixels - which is confusing, if the user no longer has to explicitly set a downsampling factor during training.

It should be fairly simple to autocalculate a 0.5 or 1x diameter extraction radius based on the downsampling factor and the particle diameter entered during training.



Thanks for the suggestion! In CryoSPARC v4.5.2 the radius of extracted region parameter will now be based on the estimated particle diameter (default is 0.8x diameter) if the scaling mode is set to auto.