Pyem export particles of a heterogeneous refinement class

Hey all,

I’ve searched the forum high and low but I’m stuck on how to export particles of a certain class from a heterogeneous refinement job or any subsequent job using pyem, retaining location and ctf information.

Initially, I tried to use on the outputs of a non-uniform refine job after het refine, using the downloaded blob.cs and the location passthrough but I noticed the ctf file is not a passthrough file. Played around with it but each try failed with the error message “columns must the same length as key” and :A passthourgh file may be required".

Then I thought I might need to go back to the heterogeneous refine job but here, the outputs don’t contain a particle blob.cs. The only blob file is a passthrough file. Do I need to use a blob.cs file from a previous job and select a class using the --class option in pyem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Claudia nu-particles.cs passthrough.cs should work normally for particles in a a subsequent job that are just some classes from a previous classification.