Purging old results using the web interface

Currently when jobs are deleted they go into the “deleted” file on the web interface and can be recovered. Deleting them again removes the job (and its structures) from the web interface, but the files (.csv and .mrc) remain in the bulk directory under sparcdata/jobs/ and the jobs unique id (eg zN8EzahhSGvXzjuAF). This makes cleaning up the disk difficult. Would it be possible to get a “purge deleted jobs” button? It might also be nice to have the option for individual jobs of keeping only the final structures.




I wanted to follow up on this and ask if there is any way to do it that will come up in a new version? Our cryosparc folder has grown quite large and keeps on getting bigger…


Hi @zripstein @jparmache,

Sorry for the delay on this - we are urgently working on reinstating the old ‘disk cleanup’ tool - expect it right after the GRC. Hopefully there’s enough disk space to last until then. In a pinch right now you can move job output dirs from the output directory to a different disk and then create symlinks back in the output folder, so that results are still accessible.
Sorry for the trouble, though I suppose it’s a good thing that cryoSPARC is seeing enough usage to fill disks :slight_smile: