Pruning dataset in .cs file

I would like to remove some particles from a .cs file based on values in one of the columns. How does one accomplish that? Or just even removing one particle at a time? Some examples would be wonderful.

I have read the [Guide: Manipulating .cs Files Created By CryoSPARC - CryoSPARC Guide](Guide on manipulating .cs files), but this is not covered there. Perhaps there is more documentation elsewhere regarding .cs file manipulation?

I can add that more exactly, I would like to keep only particles from a specific exposure group.

Hi @daniel.s.d.larsson,

There is currently no official documentation on how to use dataset functions to do this exact filter operation, but you can do this using the “Exposure Group Utilities” job.
Use parameters:
action: info_only
Split Outputs by Exposure Group: ON
The job will output each exposure group as a separate particle output result group, which you can then selectively connect to other jobs.


@daniel.s.d.larsson You may find the new cryosparc-tools helpful: Getting Started — cryosparc-tools