Project Import from other facility

So we we are trying to import a Project form another computer system at an other facility. We have transferred the project directory over with all the jobs. According to the documentation there should be an Import button on the Project page, there is not one for the version we have, 4.2.1. Are we over looking something?

Len Thomas

Possibly :smiley: The process of introducing existing project directories has changed in v4. Please have a look at the Attach section of the v4-specific Data Management Guide. You may want to look over the entire guide, particularly if the project directory “belonged” to another CryoSPARC v4+ instance and was not properly detached.

Ah, I see. The project was originally from v3+. So the detachment issue is probably not a problem. I guess we can just attach it to a new project. The project was not archived though, it was just transferred over directly. Would it be better to archive it and transfer?

Please can you provide details about the transfer process:

  1. Was a copy of the project directory prepared? How?
  2. How was the data transferred between the CryoSPARC instances?
  3. Is it ensured that the source (CryoSPARC v3) instance and destination (v4) instance do not both access the same copy of the project directory?

To answer the best I can as I have to look a little bit more into it as a student was trying this originally.

  1. My understanding is not much was done to the original project directory.

2.The project directory was just transferred/copied to our systems via Globus, looking through the directories appears that some files did not get transferred which means they may be physically stored elsewhere with just a link to the job.

  1. This I am sure of as we are transferring the Project from a national lab to our home lab.

It appears most of the meta information is there, job files and such, what we are missing is the actually data, imported movies, corrected images, etc.

Thank yuo for providing these details.

It is expected that during movie and micrograph imports, the actual files are linked instead of copied into the project directory. This situation is discussed in this use case.
If you transferred the link targets separately, you may be able to restore the links as described in this use case