Problem displaying denoise micrographs in manual picking

I succeded to apply topaz denoise to a dataset of micrographs and the particles are much easy to identify. The problem is that I try to use this denoise micrographs for manual particle picking and instead of seeing the denoise micrographs I just see a gray image. I was wondering if someone else had this problem and there is a way to fix it.
I am attaching two images to clarify.!
Thanks in advance

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Hi @bruch,

Thank you for reporting, this is a bug, and the fix will be released in the next version of cryoSPARC (soon!).

I’m having the same problem, except that I don’t even see a grayed-out micrograph. There is nothing displayed when I input the denoised micrographs into the manual picker.

I think your denoise job probably partially failed - see discussion here:

Also it looks like your gain reference needs to be flipped in Y (or not flipped, if you are flipping already)


Thanks Oli! It did need to be flipped. It looks a lot cleaner now.



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