Print summary table of beam tilt etc when multiple exposure groups are present


In Global CTF (and refinement jobs where on the fly global CTF refinement is activated), currently CTF params are printed out per group, in one long list.

This is fine when we have only a few, but often in the case of image shift groups we often have 100+ groups, and seeing how/if the beam tilt is systematically varying between groups can be important for judging whether it is worth splitting into so many groups (and also for judging whether hardware corrections are working well).

Would it be possible to print a summary table to the log at the end, with the exposure group ID and the values of any refined parameters (e.g. beam tilt and trefoil)? Even better would be an X-Y scatter plot of the beam tilt values, although this is easy enough to make from a table.


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Hi @olibclarke,

Thank you for the request – noted! As more exposure groups is becoming more common, this makes a lot of sense.


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