Preserve processing pathway in text format

It would be great to have a way to create a text or csv report for each workspace that contains the input/output info for every job in that workspace. This could serve as an archive for the processing methods used. I’ll usually try a few different parallel pathways and want to compare results at the end to decide on the final map and its pathway. I tend not to delete negative data (unsuccessful pathways) as I find it informative on what did and did not work for that dataset and informs on future strategies, but it takes up a lot of space. The cryoSPARC GUI gets very slow/laggy and makes it hard to search back and forth to inspect the pathways, so it would be great to have a plain text output containing job ID, particle source, number of particles, and parent and children jobs.


I second this! Recently I had to re-import a project from another account and lost all the parent/child/branch details so it would have been good to have a document like this before the move to have a copy of the info.

That’s too bad! Do you mind if I ask how you imported the project? I’ll be attempting transfer of a database soon and really hope to be able to keep these details for record keeping. Everything is basically a work in progress until it’s finalized and choosing the final refinement can be a hard decision to make.

It makes sense that refinement panels of the GUI should show more detailed information in the form of text, rather than just the visuals. I’m constantly clicking, scrolling, and using the find function to look for job id’s through huge directories as I look for parent jobs to follow pathways back to the start. The GUI is laggy and it’s become a huge pain.

I’d like to see some more rudimentary info for each job visible in the workspace: Parent ID, symmetry, original particle source (import/extract), maybe an abbreviated list of which parameters were changed from default. But at least having text of the parent job and particle source job would be hugely beneficial in expediting this. If they only implemented the parent job as text in this window, then one could take a screenshot of each page (since it cannot print to pdf) to maintain this record.