Power calibration do not function normally during particle picking


I met a problem in the step of inspect particle picks.

The power calibration diagram is clearly weird, and it should look like the NCC calibration rather than being flat. The parameters are default.
I can’t find what’s wrong during the processing.
What can be the problem causing this problem?
If don’t fix it, the threshold in every micrographs can be very different and affect the result of particle auto-picking.
Anyone has met this problem before?

Hi @jessho,

thanks for posting. The power score plot here shows that there is one micrograph that is an extreme outlier - likely corrupt in some way.
You can get rid of this micrograph by using the “Manually Curate Exposures” job. Just make sure you connect both the micrographs and the particles you have picked to the curation job, and it will have the median power score as an attribute on which you can filter. You should be able to see the same outlier and reject it. Then running inspect picks again after that will work.

Thanks a lot for your help.
The problem has fixed.