Plugins for various steps in cryosparc

Allow hooks to run at various stages of the cryosparc process.

Stages I would like (and others are welcome to add)
add/delete project
start/stop live project
start/stop/delete job

The hooks can be
running a script on the local filesystem
issuing an HTTP GET/POST request

And allow parameters to be passed from CS to the hook/plugin.

And a callback function/http endpoint (secured with a token) for updates back to CS (whether it be progress, complete, or error)

And a call back function/http endpoint (for updates back to CS whether it be progress, complete, or error).

Hi Francis,

Hope you’re doing well.

Some of what you are asking for may be encompassed by this project:

I’ve played around with it a bit and it has worked well when I’ve used it, but I haven’t tried to do anything too advanced with it beyond the ntfy service.

Hi Colin!

Thanks for the link. My use case is a heavily IT-restricted server. no opening ports or daemons without lots of paperwork and CxO approval . Hope all is well!

Hi all,

Thank you for the post! We’re keen to support use cases like this in the future and have made note of your suggestion. Webhooks are a common tool used to accomplish such tasks. A popular example is GitHub’s use of them. Would a system like this be sufficient for your use case?


Thanks for the reply, Yes this would be sufficient for my use case!