Pixel size reporting bug in CS Live

Hi CryoSPARC team,

In the main CryoSPARC application, if using EER sampling 2 to scale to 8K, the pixel size is reported (correctly) as half the input pixel size of 0.92:

Screenshot from 2023-12-19 15-57-23

In CryoSPARC Live, however, it is reported as the input pixel size.

Screenshot from 2023-12-19 15-55-46

Screenshot from 2023-12-19 15-56-09

However, internally it is correctly 0.46A, as box sizes, masks and the like are correct for the dimensions of the particle at the (upsampled) pixel scaling.

Hi @rbs_sci ,

Thanks for reporting - we’re looking into this inconsistency and will provide an update in due time.