Phase Flipping or Flipping + Amplitude Correction

Hello, I am looking to deposit an EM density that I generated, and am running into a deposition question that I do not know how to answer. The question is “CTF correction Type” and the choices are

a) None
b) Phase Flipping and Amplitude Correction
c) Phase Flipping Only

I used the Patch CTF Estimation tool with no custom parameters. Which option should I select?

Thank you,

Phase flipping and amplitude correction. Our reconstructed volumes are CTF corrected to the maximum extent possible. (Note it is the reconstruction where the CTF is corrected, Patch CTF etc. just estimate the values in the micrographs).

I’m not sure if/where it’s displayed though. Under “CTF” on the Experiment tab of my EMDB entries there is only software listed.

There should be a 3rd option for Ewald sphere correction :wink:

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