Patch Motion vs Motioncor2 Falcon 4/EPU

Hi there, I noticed that when I do Patch Motion on images collected with Falcon 4 EPU I end up having black edges, this is not happening when I do motion correction with Motioncor2. Any idea why is it happening?
image with black edges is after Patch Motion

Hi @Proteino,

How large are those edges? Was the gain reference imported correctly?

Feng Shi

@Proteino This could be an instance of a known issue.
Does the suggested workaround resolve your problem?
There’s an End frame (excluded, 0-based) parameter for this job type. The number of frames per movie is shown in the Overview tab of the Import Movies job type (the first integer of the movie_blob/shape value).

not very large.
Not a problem with importing the gain file, it was an automatic gain correction during data collection.

yes, when I remove the last frame the problem disappears. it seams to be a bug with how Patch Motion handles EPU/Falcon 4 frames; and/or a bug with EPU/Falcon 4 acquisition/gain correction: less likely the case because this is not happening when I do motion correction with Motioncor2.

Hi @wtempel
I’ve been processing my data using patch motion correction with the last frame included and i did not realize it’s a bug until i came across this post. I see the exact same issue with my images (black edges and huge motion shift at the last few frames). Is this going to affect my data quality/overall resolution if i do not exclude the last frame?

affect quality yes, affect hugely I don’t know, maybe not.
My recommendation is to use Motioncor2 for the moment.