Patch CTF fails on certain micrographs

I’m getting this error for certain micrographs, I’m not 100% sure but I believe it’s just ones that have very, very low counts due to a misaligned energy filter. The Patch CTF job fails so I can’t proceed to Curate Exposures in order to discard them. (These micrographs would be useless themselves, but the job is interrupted part way through).

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have taken note of it and are considering a fix.
I don’t have a great recommendation for a temporary workaround. Have you checked already if a meaningful, preliminary curation is possible based on the motion correction results?

Motion-based curation almost definitely would have worked, but I ran Motioncor2 outside cryoSPARC this time. My workaround was to run the incomplete micrographs in CTFFIND4, and then curate those, throw away the bad micrographs (they’re almost blank, CTF fits >> 20 Å), and finally run the good ones through Patch CTF again.