Patch CTF and curate exposures - print statistics?


I have a very small feature request - would it be possible for both Patch CTF and Curate exposures to print statistics re the distribution of defocus values in the dataset to the log file? This would be useful information for later selecting an appropriate box size (and putting in the data collection table when preparing a manuscript). Just the min, max and mean defocus would be handy to have.

Currently I think one can only access this through Curate exposures (or outside of cryoSPARC), but it is not printed when the job is complete, and Curate exposures is kind of slow.


(it would also be helpful for record keeping purposes if cryosparc printed the curation thresholds used for each parameter to the log file)

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How about a “Print Table 1 based on this job” button? :wink:

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that would be even better! :joy:

Noted! We will try to include this in the next release of cryoSPARC.