Patch 220824 is available for cryoSPARC v3.3.2

Release Notes

Includes all notes from previous patch 220518



  • Further improvements to error messages when problems are encountered while reading particles or micrographs
  • Volume series outputs in 3D Variability Display no longer require a zip system dependency
  • 3D Variability Display (Cluster Mode) 1D histogram now includes a legend
  • Warning if all three dimensions of the input data for Import Templates match, which suggests that a cubic (3D) volume has been input instead of a stack of 2D templates
  • Summary of rejected particle counts and reasons for rejection in Extract From Micrographs jobs
  • Jobs now fail if they require more SSD cache space than the total available space or quota
  • If available, show MRC file name in job log when file cannot be read
  • Improved error formatting when running functions via cryosparcm cli


  • Local Resolution Estimation job now reads the mask from the “Static Mask” input group
  • .mrc.bz2 files with an MRC extended header now load correctly
  • workspaces.json now correctly updated when a cryoSPARC Live session is running
  • Prevent SSD cache system failure when file size is missing in cache files database collection