Particle statistics check

Hi all,
Is there a way to know the statistics (defocus, relative thickness etc.) of a final set of particles. I want to check if I can get any input for my future data collection strategy.

@kplkmrgoutam - Have you tried curating your micrographs manually? It lets you check all these parameters and more.

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Hi @kplkmrgoutam, as @vamsee mentioned, you can connect both the movies output from CTF estimation and the final particle stack, to a ‘Manually Curate Exposures’ job and this will allow you to view the various statistics associated with the particles.

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Now, I always run picking on the whole dataset, and then filter the micrographs afterwards. Having the pick count in addition to the CTF resolution and relative ice thickness is very helpful. (And average intensity, only if there was an issue like energy filter drift, lots of empty areas, stuck shutter, etc.).

It would be nice to have text input for all the manual curation fields fixed, though :slight_smile:
(right now only the upper bound can be set via the text field).

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Thank you all. one more question @spunjani- Is there a way to find particles which are common between a set of models, for example outputs from multiple ab-initio jobs. I wanted to check if I can use that to find particles which are more consistent with the model.