Particle Sets: Sort By

This question is based on the idea that I wanted to cluster particles in latent space from 3D Flex in a similar way to what 3D Var Disp can do for 3D Var. I couldn’t find a suitable way to do this without cryosparc-tools, so I wondered if it would be possible to implement a parameter to choose a column to sort the particles by before splitting them in the Particle Sets, since it’s already possible to split them in order (currently only of picking order, as I’ve understood it).
Also, if it’s currently possible to achieve the above with a simpler method, please let me know.

Sincerely, Martin

Hi @au583982, at the moment we don’t have a simpler way to accomplish this other than using cryosparc tools. We are working making the 3D Var Display features for dealing with particle latents available for 3D Flex outputs as well. Thanks!