Particle selection: multiple "good" groups

Dear CryoSPARC team,

I’ve recently been working on a couple of datasets where there are very obviously different types of particle present in the 2D (in one dataset it was monomers/multimers, in another it was different proteins which co-purify and both are of interest) and it would be very, very useful if the Select 2D job could support multiple “good” selection groups (rather than just “selected” and “excluded”) so “selected 1, selected 2, selected 3, excluded”. I realise you can run 2D selection a second time (e.g.: on the excluded particles) but the cascading jobs can get a bit cluttered.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best wishes all.

Here too:

I hunted through the forum to see if there was similar already suggested and didn’t see that… good to know others would find it useful, thanks!

@rbs_sci – makes sense, thanks for the suggestion! We’ve noted and added it as feature for a future release.