Particle picking using 3D map


Cryosparc v2 is really powerful now and speeds up analysis incredibly! I was just thinking about introducing something similar to newest Relion build: auto picking using 3D map projections. I noticed that not all orientations were picked using standard approach and maybe with 3D map projection it would work better.


Hi @dzyla,

Thanks! We’re glad cryoSPARC is useful for you!
We actually already have had the ability to pick using 3D references for a while - use the “Create Templates” job type to take a 3D structure, create 2D projections form it, and those can be used for picking using the template picker.
Typical workflow: 3D structure -> create templates -> select 2D (to select distinct looking views so you don’t need so many templates) -> template picker -> inspect particle picks

Hope that helps!

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