Particle curation tool? [Feature request]

When curating particles for training a neural net picker (either Topaz or deep picker), it is very important that as many of the picks as possible are true positives, and hence curation of particle picks is important

However, it is often hard to see particles clearly as displayed in manual picker or inspect particle picks - or rather, it is much easier to see them clearly (and judge their centering) in the lowpass filtered, boxed and extracted particles shown in the Manual Picker log.

Would it be possible to either augment the existing inspect particle picks job or create a new job for viewing and curating individual particles?

Something almost identical to the existing select2D interface would work, I think - just allowing curation of individual lowpass filtered particles, rather than 2D classes. This would be very helpful for creating training data for neural net pickers, I think.


I also wish such a tool to check individual particle after 2D classification.
I can see some representative thumbnail in 2D classification job -> Overview -> Output. But I wish I could check every particle.

Just bumping this and also showing what I mean.

You can see in the attached an example mic, and lowpass filtered images of extracted particles. For myself, I find it much easier to recognize well centered and non-aggregated particles in the boxed and extracted particles, as opposed to on the micrograph. This is particularly the case when the micrograph is crowded.

Some way to curate/prune extracted particles (and perhaps sort them by derived parameters, e.g. some kind of measure of variance or contrast, as well as class probabilities, shifts etc) would be useful when selecting particles for training picking models.


In 4.1, 3DFlex integrates an option to select particles by scale factor. It might be useful to have this as a standalone particle curation utility, with the possibility of also selecting/sorting particles by other derived parameters (e.g. rotations/shifts after local refinement; variance/contrast; intensity prior to normalization; number of symmetry related copies remaining for this particle; etc).

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