Parameters for streaming 2D classification should be accessible in config page (Live)


Currently, custom 2D parameters must be set by jumping over to regular cryosparc, and coming back to Live. This is a little better in v4, but still requires a bit of jumping around.

For many samples, these parameters are known at config time - e.g. small particles will usually require more iterations to converge, or I know I probably need a larger batchsize, etc.

Would it be possible to allow setting a limited subset of parameters (e.g. batchsize, iterations, force max on/off, etc) at config time, as a set of starting parameters, in the same way as we set params for CTF estimation and motion correction? Similarly for ab initio, setting an initial/final res range at config time would be convenient.


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Hi @olibclarke ,

Thanks for the suggestion! This one is on our to-do list, something that’s much easier to implement now that both applications have been merged. Stay tuned!

- Suhail