Over refinement?

Dear community, I enclose two FSC curves, before and after local refinement combined with symmetry expansion. Improvement is quite visible in map quality as well. I would like to ask if there is any indication of over refinement, particularly because the curves fail to drop immediately to zero, after crossing the gold standard.
Many thanks in advance for you input.

Before symmetry expansion and local refinement:

After symmetry expansion and local refinement:

From the curves alone, I would say there is no indication of any issue. It is common for FSC curves to drop to zero slowly when there are flexible parts in a structure.
What would be concerning is if the FSC curves (particularly no-mask or spherical mask) did not drop to zero at all or had an asymptote at a value other than zero.

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Dear @apunjani, many thanks for you prompt feedback. Based on recent posts, I made sure local refinement was done in C1, keeping “Force re-do GS split” parameter off.
Thank you.