Output of patch motion correction

Hi everyone,

Recently I am using patch motion for my movies. I just wander, what are the output micrographs shown in the job? Is that patch_aligned_doseweighted.mrc or patch_aligned.mrc? Thanks!

Hi @Feng10,

The micrographs plotted in the Patch Motion Correction job are non-doseweighted aligned (patch_aligned.mrc).

Hi @sarulthasan,

So when I drag the output to other jobs, like ctf estimation, cryosparc will use patch_aligned.mrc?


Hi @Feng10,

This is correct, additionally cryoSPARC will automatically choose which version of the micrograph is best to use with the job type its connected to.

A related question–what about the background.mrc, are these files used in any downstream cryosparc jobs? Thanks!