Output file name of 3D refine job

Hi, all!
The cryosparc 4.0 is very powerful and convenient. We can biuld or queue jobs very quickly via the new options. However, I wanted to know why the output file name didn’t have PROJECT NUMBER (eg. J123_002_volume_map_sharp.mrc) which may mislead me or overwrite different map files. Maybe it can be improved…

With export and import capabilities, such as project detachment and attachment, possibly across instances, it is unfortunately not trivial to permanently link a given output to a short project identifier. Please carefully name copies of output that you store outside the project hierarchy to avoid mixing files from different CryoSPARC projects or CryoSPARC instances.

We often ‘scp’ map file from linux terminal. You may add the project suffix in the output directory if it is convenient.