Output cryosparc particle to relion with CTF-refinement information

Hello, I have a dataset that iterative global CTF refinement greatly improved resolution from ~4 to ~3 A, yet processing in relion was not successful. I was wondering if there is a way that I could import the refined high order CTF information (Tilt, Tetrafoil, Anisotropic Mag) into data that relion could recognize.

If it possible, say, change the defocus value to reflect these parameter would be great. I’m okay with coding myself if equations are avalable.

Thanks a lot.

What did you try in Relion? If you export your refinements from cryoSPARC and then just do PostProcessing and CTF Refinement (maybe with a local refinement thrown in at some point), I bet it will work too.

Also, you can correct the pixel size to absorb any changes in Cs.