OSError: cublas library not found

Hi all,
This error message appeared while doing a 2D classification job. Is this a cryosparc error or is this something related to my workstation? Thanks for your reply.

Hi @Smona,

Is it possible if you can report which version of cryoSPARC, CUDA version, and OS you’re running?
To get the CUDA version and OS, you can run this command and copy+paste the output here:
lscpu && uname -a && nvidia-smi

Based on the logs you sent, I see you’re on an older version of cryoSPARC. I’d suggest updating to the latest version (v3.1.0), and installing the latest CUDA Toolkit (11.2) if you’re able to.

Hello Stephan,
Sorry for the late reply. The problem was solved. It had nothing to do with CryoSPARC but with a recent update that the computing facility had.
Thanks anyways