Option to filter particle data during extraction?

Have two related Qs:

(a) is it possible to filter pixel values based on statistics during extraction? ie. ± stddev (useful for attenuating strong scattering of defective pixels).

(b) is there an option to control what is used to fill in gaps like pixels knocked out by filtering or beyond the image edge? I recall I once wrote a particle extraction routine that would fill in missing pixels with noise that approximated the overall image statistics… it was somewhat slower than replicating values or using the avg, but I felt behaved slightly better during alignment.

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Thanks for your questions.

CryoSPARC rejects hot pixels during motion correction (instead of particle extraction) with a ±5 stddev threshold, which is not user configurable.
CryoSPARC does not currently extract outside the micrograph, but we recorded your interest in this feature.